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Support Help Center - here you can find all information and guides, that will allow you to solve your Sky reception problem. The easiest way to locate the issue is to know your on-screen error message, you will see it on your television screen. Every error message indicates a specific problem, which can be fixed with some simple instructions in our Support & Help Guide.

How to activate a Sky Movies or Entertainment Month Pass?

How to activate a Sky Sports Month Pass?

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Connect Roku with Android devices

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SkyRELOAD Installation Guide - Download PDF

Here you can view / download the latest Installation Guide.

PDF Installation Guide
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How to purchase SkyRELOAD?

To use SkyRELOAD you need an internet connection with 6 Mbit/s download speed or more.

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Activate Sky Month Pass

Find out how to activate a Sky Movies Month Pass or Sky Entertainment Month Pass.

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Roku / NOW TV Box Guides

If you receive an display message when using the Roku box, please refer to our guides.

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